We are excited to announce that What IF HQ, an information blog that focuses on a wide range of topics including gaming, has acquired Game On Audio, that was a worldwide studio network that exclusively creates sound for video games. This acquisition is aimed at bringing more informative and insightful content to our readers, particularly in the gaming industry. Before this merger, we have already had acquisitions with Techy Desktop and SmorBall Game as you can read.

What We Are Offering?

History of Game On Audio

Game On Audio has been a leading player in the video game sound production industry for several years, providing exceptional audio services to renowned game studios worldwide. With this acquisition, What IF HQ will leverage Game On Audio’s expertise to provide our readers with in-depth analysis, reviews, and news about video games’ audio aspects.

Worldwide recognized leader in the video game industry, Game On was the outsource partner for complete audio, motion capture, and localization services. It was launched in 2009.

Developing next-gen games is what the video game industry is built on and the sonic experience is equally as important as the visuals. Often the difference between a four-star and a five-star award-winning game is in the audio. The sound instantly brings emotion to the experience. Great Sound = Awards.

Game On Audio’s proprietary game sound technology ensures a unique position in the market as one of the few worldwide studio networks exclusively creating sound for video games. As an innovative technology leader, Game On Audio embraces the gamer’s need for a sound that rivals image. Whether you’re a developer looking for the best voice actors or a publisher looking for an “award-sounding” title, Game On Audio is your solution.

Our Future Plans as a Merger

The merger will result in a plethora of new informative content on gaming, including detailed articles on video game sound design, interviews with renowned sound designers, and much more. Additionally, this acquisition will allow us to expand our reach and enhance our reputation as an authoritative source of information in the gaming industry.

Game On Audio will continue to operate as a separate entity under the What IF HQ umbrella, maintaining its unique identity and management structure. However, we will collaborate with the Game On Audio team to integrate their expertise into our content creation process, ensuring our readers receive the best quality and most informative articles.

We believe that this acquisition will benefit both our readers and the gaming industry as a whole. The collaboration between What IF HQ and Game On Audio will bring new insights into the gaming industry and revolutionize the way we understand and appreciate video game audio.

We are excited to embark on this new journey and look forward to delivering more informative and insightful content to our readers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from What IF HQ and Game On Audio.

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