How Long After Gallbladder Surgery Can I Eat Pizza? [Answered]

Carving for pizza is so much fun. Have you ever thought about the crunchiness of the crust, the richness in flavor of all that sauce, and how it covers every inch of your taste buds? It’s satisfying, to say the least, but when is it safe for someone who just had gallbladder surgery can eat pizza?

Immediately following gallbladder removal surgery, doctors will recommend that patients do not eat anything in order to allow the digestive tract to rest and recover. After 24 hours, it is safe for a patient to consume yogurt, light soups without meatballs or vegetables, Jell-O, and applesauce.

These easy-to-digest foods help the body heal while providing necessary vitamins and nutrients. After a few days, more solid foods can be introduced, but only in the form of bland, soft foods such as mashed potatoes or oatmeal.

But if you are thinking about when and how long after gallbladder surgery can I eat pizza, then your answer is in this post.

How long after gallbladder surgery can I eat pizza?

How Long After Gallbladder Surgery Can I Eat Pizza

After 4-5 weeks of your gallbladder surgery, you can eat pizza. Even if you are not feeling hungry, you must go for light food like fruits, yogurt, or soup. You cannot eat heavy meals in the initial stages because your body is recuperating and is weak to bear the heavy load of food. During this time, you can eat pizza after 4-5 weeks. Pizza with vegetables will be good for you at this stage. So just go for it.

Why is it harmful to eat pizza right after gallbladder surgery?

Don’t even think about eating pizza or other junk food like French fries, burgers, etc., immediately after gallbladder surgery because at this stage, your body is not able to digest heavy food. So you can cause digestive problems even if you don’t eat junk foods, but go for home-cooked healthy food; otherwise, it may cause severe health issues.

What type of food should avoid after surgery?

Below is the list of food items that you shouldn’t consume when you are just out of surgery.

  • Fried and fatty foods: Avoid fried and fatty foods after gallbladder removal surgery to avoid digestive problems like abdominal pain and discomfort.
  • Chocolates, alcohol, caffeine: Consume chocolates in very limited quantities after gallbladder removal surgery because they contain stimulants that can cause bowel movements. So stay away from coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol as well to keep your digestive system healthy.
  • Spicy or acidic foods: Spicy and acidic food items can cause problems in the digestive tract, so avoid them for some days after surgery.

What types of food should I consume after gallbladder surgery?

In the below list, you can find the food items you should consume in the initial days of your surgery.

  • Yogurt: Yogurt is a good source of protein and carbohydrates that can be consumed in the form of smoothies or juice.
  • Fruits: Fruits are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so you must have fruits after gallbladder surgery because they will boost your immune system to accelerate the healing process. It also contains fiber that will help clear out the bowels, so you may start eating solid foods.
  • Soup: You can have soup for breakfast or dinner, but it should be only light items like tomato soup, corn chowder, etc. Avoid having cream-based soups because they are rich in fat.
  • Smoothies: Smoothies are healthy food items that are easy to digest. You can drink strawberry or peach smoothies after gallbladder surgery but avoid having orange flavor in your smoothies because oranges have acidic nature.
  • Light cereals: Cereal contains high fiber content, so you should have cereal only after the first few days of your gallbladder surgery. Don’t consume high-fiber cereal like bran because it should be taken in very limited quantities after surgery.
  • Salads: Salads are a good source of fiber and other essential minerals so that you can have salads after gallbladder surgery. Don’t add a creamy dressing to your salad because cream has a high-fat content that may cause digestive problems. Add olive oil or vinegar instead for a healthy salad.
  • Light food items: Try to eat light food items that are easy to digest because your intestines, stomach, and digestive system will be recovering from the surgery during this period. So avoid consuming heavy and fatty foods in the initial days of gallbladder removal surgery.

How often should I eat pizza after gallbladder surgery?

You can have one or two slices of cheese pizza, but avoid having spicy food items because spicy food will have an adverse effect on your digestive system. You should go for fresh salads, steamed food items, and smoothie drinks. Try to eat healthy so that you can recover fast because it is necessary for your body to heal the wound caused by surgery.

What is the role of the gallbladder in our body?

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ that lies beneath the liver. The gallbladder’s primary function is to store bile, which is produced by the liver, and then concentrate it before being released into the small intestine through a series of contraction movements.
It helps to break down fats into fatty acids during digestion so that they can be used for the body.

How long does it take to recover from gallbladder surgery properly?

It takes around 4 to 6 weeks for gallbladder surgery recovery to complete. But it also depends on person to person basis because some people will recover faster than others and vice versa.
After gallbladder surgery, you must try to eat small portions of food and avoid heavy and greasy food items for a few months after surgery because your digestive system takes time to rebuild itself.

Is it harder to lose weight after gallbladder removal?

After gallbladder surgery, patients are advised to go for a low-fat diet regime. It is already proven that weight loss after gallbladder surgery takes more time than other individuals who don’t have this ailment.
It is hard to lose weight, and if you want to reduce your body mass quickly, then it will be better if you do not opt for surgery because it will affect your weight loss process.

However, if you want to lose weight fast, then go for healthy lifestyle changes like regular exercise and diet control because they play an important role in reducing body weight.

How long does gallbladder removal surgery take?

The average time of gallbladder surgery is between half an hour to one hour. It will depend on the type of surgery that you are undergoing.

After gallbladder surgery, the patient must take care because it takes time for your stomach muscles to get back into their normal position after surgery. So try not to bend down or pick up heavy things within 6 weeks of your operation date because it may lead to trouble.

Will I be able to eat after gallbladder surgery?

Since your stomach is empty after surgery, you can feel hungry; the most common question that most people ask is how soon they will eat after surgery. It all depends on how quickly your body has adapted itself to food intake, and there’s no specific time frame to eat after surgery.

The most important thing you should avoid is fatty food items because they may cause digestive problems and hinder the process of recovery. Try to eat less spicy food because it can cause irritation inside your stomach and intestines.

What are the long-term side effects of gallbladder removal surgery?

The long-term side effects of surgery are bleeding, inflammation, infection, bile duct injury, and calculi.
It is important for the patient to maintain a healthy and balanced diet because it will help faster recovery. Also, you must avoid taking heavy things as it may lead to a stomach infection and other digestion-related problems.

If you want to reduce your body weight, go for regular exercises (if possible) because they play an important role in quickly reducing body fat.

Can I eat spaghetti pasta after gallbladder surgery?

Since spaghetti is made up of high carbohydrate content, you must avoid eating pasta until your digestive system gets back to normal for the first few days.

After gallbladder surgery, it will take at least 4 to 6 weeks for healthy digestion because during this time, food pass through the small intestine, which takes time before the digestive process.

Can I smoke after gallbladder surgery?

Before you say yes or no after gallbladder surgery, there are different factors to consider. It will depend on your current health condition, what medications you are taking, and how long you have been smoking.

It is recommended that if you smoke, then stop it as soon as possible because smoking only worsens the digestive system and even provokes complications.

After gallbladder surgery, it is not advisable to smoke because it can cause infection in your stomach. It will slow down your digestive system’s recovery process and affect you badly.

You must have a positive approach to life after gallbladder removal surgery because it will help faster recovery. If possible, opt for healthy lifestyle changes because they can help you get rid of your problems.


It takes around 4 to 6 weeks for gallbladder surgery recovery to complete. You must try to eat small portions of food and avoid heavy and greasy food items for a few months after surgery because your digestive system takes time to rebuild itself.

After gallbladder surgery, you must stop taking fatty food items because they may cause digestion problems.



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