We are thrilled to announce that What If HQ has completed the acquisition of Techy Desktop, a leading provider of cutting-edge desktop technology blogs. This merger marks a significant milestone for both websites and will create exciting new opportunities for our visitors.

Together, What If HQ and Techy Desktop will continue to focus on providing exceptional great content and delivering the latest in desktop technology tips and solutions. We will also be able to offer a broader range of content for our visitors. We also have questions with SmorBall Game and GameOnAudio this month.

Our Best Content

History of Techy Desktop

Techy Desktop was built in 2022. It was a tech site with reviews and solutions for PC-related parts like motherboards, headsets, hard drives, and graphics cards. Now on March 11, 2023, we have officially acquired Techy Desktop and merged it with our website. Now you can enjoy a vast variety of content on our website. We will continue to deliver the highest quality of content to our loyal visitors.

Our Future Plans with Merger

Moving forward, our plan is to leverage the expertise of Techy Desktop’s team to expand our content offerings in the desktop technology space. We will be creating more in-depth product reviews, tutorials, and guides to help our visitors stay up to date with the latest in desktop technology trends.

In addition to expanding our content offerings, we plan to invest in marketing and outreach efforts to increase our website’s reach and visibility. This will help us attract more visitors to our website and build a strong community of desktop technology enthusiasts.

Furthermore, we plan to leverage the data and insights from our combined websites to identify gaps in the market and develop new products and services to fill those gaps. We will be exploring opportunities to launch new desktop technology products, such as hardware and software solutions, that cater to the needs of our visitors.

Overall, we are excited about the opportunities that this merger presents and are committed to delivering the best possible content and solutions to our visitors. We believe that this merger will enable us to become the go-to destination for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with the latest in desktop technology.

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